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Address: No.16, 6TH B Main , J P Nagar 3RD Phase Bangalore - 560078

Locality: J P Nagar (Find more J P Nagar schools)

Landmark: Behind SAI Baba Temple

Phone: +91-80-65391166


English Medium


CMR Group of Institutions and National Public Schools is opening Ekya School in JP Nagar.

The word Ekya is derived from the Sanskrit sounds of unity and individuality. It embodies the spirit of collaboration and togetherness while allowing space for the individual to grow and express oneself.


  • Nursery to 8 grade
  • ICSE, IGCSE Board
  • English Medium
  • Day School
  • Co-ed School

Year Established: 2011


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I had been to collect the admission forms for FY 2012. The staff was curteous for us to see the campus.However the Director with whom we had the interview was full of attitude and screaming with I dont care attitude.
The fees also is on the higher side. There is no outdoor sports facility

- by Vidya on Sep 19, 2011

This is an amazing school! The type of teaching is awesome......

- by Krishnaa Nair on Sep 29, 2011

I visited the school today to get some idea about the campus. The building looks new and the environment inside is very clean, well maintained, and new. The person at the reception was very courteous and took us for a tour of the school. She also answered all our questions to our satisfaction.

The school fees are certainly quite high (1.2 L onwards) and I am trying to get feedback from the first batch of students/parents regarding their experiences. The school is very young and I want to get some good background information before thinking of admitting my kids there.

From what we heard today, the classes are quite empty at the moment. The first standard has around 9-10 kids and higher classes have even fewer. Currently, only classes 1-8 are available but they plan to add a new class every year. Also, from 5th standard onwards, the third language can only be French or Kannada. Sanskrit is not an option.

If anyone has an experience to report, please do so as it will help us prospective parents a lot.


- by Karthik on Oct 23, 2011

I am looking more information from the parents of children already studying at Ekya.. please post more information. I am looking to enroll my child to Ekya JP nagar.

- by Sri on Mar 01, 2012

its really awesome inside because i am studying there since a year.
everything is really awesome in here including the tution.
there is a lot of place to play.when you just step inside you experiance a
new environment.

- by AASHISH BHARADWAJ on May 10, 2012


My daughter is in Std 1 at the JP Nagar campus (ICSE) of Ekya Schools. There are a few things which I love about this school -

1. Lesser number of students per class, which ensures excellent attention paid to each student.

2. Promoting Teamwork and togetherness in education. There are quite a few activities which involves a group of students to work together. Academics and extra-curricular activities get due focus.

3. Very loving and understanding teachers. All the teachers in std 1, Chaitra ma'am, Ms. Anandhi, everyone takes excellent care of the students.

The fees are a little on the higher side, but ok..

I would recommend Ekya schools to everyone. You can check the admission process at their website

- by Pooja Jain on Apr 29, 2013

My son has been a student of Ekya Schools, JP Nagar, for nearly 2 years now. It has been a wonderful experience not just for him, but also for us. He learns so much everyday, and is always super-excited to go to school. The teachers are very caring and loving, and the curriculum is very well structured. They have ICSE syllabus for JP Nagar and CBSE for ITPL Campus. They even conduct expert talks in the school for every classes.

- by Poornima on May 23, 2013

The Ekya JP Nagar school management has gotten into 'Do not care attitude' . No place to raise your concern or any formal opportunity to meet teachers and discuss progress about your kid. No outdoor sports. Gone are those days when there were 10-15 kids per class. Motto now appears to be fill kids within the limited facilities. Teachers aren't experienced as they should be for a school which claims to be an international school with a fees of 1.25 lacs pa.

- by Prithvi on Jun 07, 2013


- by Sweta on Sep 23, 2013

Totally agree about the 'Do not care attitude' of the school. The school was full of promise a year ago but has drifted into the typical 'rat race' mode.

Students have TEN subjects from the 6th standard onwards (English, 2nd language, 3rd language, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History/Civics, Geography, Computer Science). The load on the kids is just too high.

Sports activities have disappeared and the focus seems to be on studies only. School bags are very heavy and all public holidays are turned into homework sessions.

Classes are bigger now and it appears that the teachers are not able to really explain the material to the kids. It then ends up being the parents who have to help the kids learn..... which is something parents are NOT qualified to do !!!

- by Concerned parent on Nov 19, 2013

6 year old children (1st standard) are being made to stand outside class as punishment.

There is no written instruction anywhere on what sweets a child can bring on birthdays. If a child brings the wrong kind of sweets to school on his/her birthday, the sweets are confiscated by the staff instead of the child being educated on what he/she did wrong.

This kind of regressive behaviour is the main reason our schooling system is so backward.

Ekya school has lost all its charm. The vision that was driven by the former Vice-principal has been buried deep underground.

- by John on Feb 08, 2014

Contrary to the other reviews above, I found the teachers and staff very polite and helpful. In ITPL campus, where my kids go, everyone starting from the receptionist, to the finance person, the student in-charge, teachers, always greet parents with a smile and are always ready to answer all our queries.

Studies are top notch and good focus on extra curricular activities as well. As a parent I am happy and so are the other parents who wait with me outside the school (since I did not avail of the bus service). So a big thumbs up from me.

- by Shailaja on Apr 17, 2014

Good school. If you look at the school infrastructure, the curriculum, co-curricular activities, everything is very well balanced. Kids are well disciplined. Got my son into Grade 2 last year. Has been quite a satisfactory experience so far. Parents' queries are adequately heard and answered. Thanks Ekya!

- by Arunima on Jul 30, 2014

Ekya school is awesome. When I wanted to change my school, I got admission in several schools like brigade,dps etc.

- by Devaamsh on Jul 30, 2014

My son has been going to Ekya in JP Nagar for the past 2 1/2 years. He loves going to school. This isn't special to just my child - when I have asked other Ekya parents, they all say the same thing - their child loves going to school. I think that in itself should be proof enough that it is a good school.

I have always found the teachers and the headmistress very warm and friendly with the students, and open to suggestions from the parents. Any issues or concerns can be voiced to the teacher or headmistress by making an appointment. They have a lot of interesting activities planned for the children, and one gets the feeling that they enjoy what they are doing. The class sizes are small, and each grade has few sections, unlike other schools where they are 5 -10 sections for each grade. I can assure you that each child is known to the teacher, and is well taken care of.

Yes, I wish they had a ground where the kids could play sports - that is the only negative point I can think of for the school. Currently they have space only for a basketball court, and some other indoor games.

- by Reshma on Aug 28, 2014

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Naseema 26/03/2016

Hi all can I know what should be the perfect age for std 1

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Naseema 26/03/2016

Hi friends can I know what is the fee structure and procedure for std 1 plz share if any one knowsð???ð???

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Hema 23/09/2015

Hi everybody,I planning to get admission for 2016-17 for LKG. Pls provide the review about EKYA SCHOOL, ITPL, bangalore.

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Mayank 06/09/2014

All the reviews and comments are kind of confusing.. Can someone provide a better picture, I am exploring options and need to make a decision, if someone can help, much appreciate.

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Student | 13/12/2015

Depends on what grade you want to know about.

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varsha 19/06/2014

I have got admission for my sub junior this year. Have heard mixed reviews about the school Most of them being positive one's. Hoping for the best start of a brand new schooling for my son.

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Mayank | 06/09/2014

Can you share your some input..

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Kinjal Jatin Shah 28/04/2014

Good afternoon Ekya School
I have Son name Kiaan who is March'13 born. I am looking for his Nursery admission.
Pls guide

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Shailaja R 17/04/2014

Both my daughter (grade 1) and son (grade 3) goes to Ekya ITPL. Teachers, admin and principal are very courteous and polite. My kids love the school and they are learning a lot not just from the curriculum, but even outside it. I would definitely recommend Ekya Schools.

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Shyla 15/03/2014

Ekya ITPL school is the worst. I have changed my kids in couple of schools because of movement in my Job. The attitude is very bad they don't know how to speak to the parents & kids. Even the admin starts yelling at the parents. If the the staff themsevles are not aware of the basic etiquette I wonder what they will be teaching the kids.

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ravin 20/02/2014

Dont admit child in itpl ekya. The teachers are new and management has recruited inexperienced teachers in elementory classes. The teachers have careless attitude. No parent teachers meeting to know child progress. Fees very high. Bus also not safe. Drivers not friendly

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suni 20/02/2014

Itpl ekya is a worst school. The second standard student was beaten and insulted before others. Dress down attitude should be condemned. Now my son not interested to go to school and crying

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